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Welcome 2008

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Welcome to Dtella

Welcome, we hope you enjoy the use of the Dtella network. We have prepared this page as a resource to new and returning users to let you know of what is new this year in the network along with some tips to help improve the network as a whole.

And yes, the network is mostly safe from prying eyes.

Top Tips to Live By

  • Turn off segmented downloading: To disable: File-> Settings-> Advanced-> uncheck "Enable segmented downloads"
  • Read the required reading below (most importantly the Rules) this will save you many pains in the future.
  • Upgrade to latest version of DC++ (0.707)
  • Please read the router and/or firewall guides if needed. Both a TCP and UDP port need to be forwarded/allowed.
  • Keep Dtella and DC++ running as much as possible. This helps strengthen the network and improves the experience for everyone.
  • Attempt to share as much content as you can. If everyone shared the minimum there would be no content for you to download
  • Make sure you always update Dtella when new releases come out, we update it for a reason and if you don't upgrade now, we will probably just force it later

  • Respect the users, especially Operators Darkhorse and daedalus01, if you wish to stay on Dtella for long :-)

Required Reading


We here believe in karma... so once you get this application working and find it useful, help someone else get it working too! Otherwise your bad karma could come back to haunt you...

Still need help?

If you are still having issues using Dtella, please feel free to talk to any of us in the IRC channel.