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Summer Dtella Dinner

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Well, we've all been to the Dtella dinners that go on during the semester, but I (DaBaddestHic/Devin) thought it would be nice to have one for the people that are still on campus this summer. So that is what this page is for!

Ok, so it's pretty much decided that it's going to be sushi, yay!

The dinner is planned to take place on Friday, August 1st at 8:00 PM. THIS COULD CHANGE. But I don't think it will, other than maybe the time.

Guest List

These are the people that will be showing up for the dinner, as well as their preference on where to go:

For sure going:

  1. DaBaddestHic (No preference)
  2. DC - Sushi
  3. th3goodstuff (No preference, but sushi works)
  4. Void_Incarnate(loves sushi)
  5. u2mimi (likes sushi, and is a girl)

Maybe going:

  1. saiyr (Is fine with sushi - will require sushi delivery. does not leave room)
  2. TechnoCat (Loves Sushi)
  3. ccb056 (if it's in Michigan...)
  4. music_loops_man (I'm trying to decide whether I'm geeky enough for this event. I hope so.)

Not going:

  1. at0m & starcastic (unless you guys want to come down to Atlanta for dinner)
  2. Ruinach (will have texas BBQ to honor the dtella dinner) (is also gay)
  3. JayCrayZ (will be drunk wandering chicago after the cubs game)