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Let's get sushi before classes start. Event will be canceled if the party size is less than 5. We are going to NAKAMA. If you don't love sushi, there is always other Asian or Japanese food served so don't hesitate to join us.

When? August 24, 2008 at 7:30pm

Maybe people: Please confirm whether or not you are coming by adding yourself to the Yes! list by Saturday. I need to know the final number to make our reservation. Thanks!

1107 Lindberg Road, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Yes! list

  1. fer (no preference)
  2. scyther (no preference)
  3. Void_Incarnate (likes real raw fish)
  4. DC (<3s unagi)
  5. Kewlj1313 (Whichever one is downtown)
  6. QQster (likes all sushi/sashimi) [confirmed for nakama, may be 5-10 minutes late due to floor meeting]
  7. Eira (CRAAAAABS)
  8. Master Bob (vegetarian)
  9. BurningStarIV (no preference)
  10. karim
  11. CopyCat
  12. judas
  13. sheeba

Maybe... list

  1. Ruinach
  2. u2mimi
  3. strawberry
  4. ccb056 (9 irish has sushi, no?)
  5.  ???

Ride Offers

  1. Void - Hawkins - 2 open seats - Confirmed: Eira