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Quantum of Solace

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Okay, Quantum of Solace is coming out on November 13th, and we are going to go as a group to see it... IN A THEATER... We saw Casino Royale as a group, so it seems fitting that we see this as well...

This event has been sponsored by the Phoenix Club at Hillenbrand Hall and therefore tickets are $5 but must be purchased in advance at Hillenbrand. Concessions will be available that night at a discounted rate as well. [Tickets are currently sold out]

So to review:

  • When: Nov 13 @ 9:00pm
  • Where: Wabash Landing Theater
  • Why: Dumb question...


  1. Jeff
  2. darkhorse
  3. KARIM!
  4. ccb056 (bringing camera, need tripod ;-) )
  5. stretch


  1. strawberry (chem midterm on monday)
  2. Miffany
  3. XobbleStone24
  4. CopyCat (It's Just too Early To Tell)
  5. Dexxtaa/Cr3at1on - too early to tell right now. maybe a dance party on that day?