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If your having issues with an .avi file playing, most likely you don't have the required codecs installed. A codec is simply a decoder that allows your media player to read the specific type of audio or video stream. Try out one, and only one, of the following codec packs, and you should be in business.

Codec Packs:

.bin/.cue Files

Bin and Cue files are sometimes CD images for a VCD or SVCD of a movie. In other instances, they are actually CD images of games or applications (similiar to .iso files). If you believe your Bin/Cue is a game/app, head over to the Games/Apps Guide instead. VCD stands for Video CD, which is simply a CD that can be burnt and played on most dvd players. There are a few ways to approach playing such files. You could burn the images then play them with your DVD player, or use software to play the files from your hard drive. If you do wish to play the files right from your hard drive I recommend downloading VLC media player and using it to open the bin file. You could also use a program like Daemon Tools to mount the CD image as if it were in a CD-ROM drive then use your software DVD player to play it. However, I find the previous a much simpler approach.


Daemon tools


Vob files contain a video stream as it would exist on the DVD. These files are normally created for the purpose of being burnt onto a DVD to be played in your DVD player. You can use whatever burning software you might have to do this or simply play the video right from the VOB files. Most media players don't have the ability to do this, but if you want to I would recommend VLC media player.



MKV (Matroska Multimedia Container) video files are the preferred file format now used for high-definition videos, such as movies and music videos and are popular to use as they store multiple streams (video, audio, subtitles) in one container file. Generally it is best to use the VLC media player to play .mkv files, as it has the widest range of decoders for the file format.


If you download a movie in a format other than above it is recommended to use VLC media player to try to play it. VLC is one of the most versitile media players available and if the file contains an audio or video stream, chances are VLC can play it. VLC