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Movie Night

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Dtella Movie Night

Time: 9:00pm EST, January 16, 2009
Location: IRC Vatican City

The uberloft has relatively high seating capacity so many people are welcome to attend. If you want snacks, you will need to bring them yourself.

The movie for tonight is still up in the air. If you have any strong opinions, list them here. Also, if you are planning to attend, please leave your nick.

Movie Possibilities

  • <movie name> (votes)
  • Pulp Fiction (3)
  • The Bank Job
  • 28 Weeks Later (1)
  • Deep Throat (over 9000 awkwardness points)


  • darkhorse
  • stretch
  • DC
  • Xobblestone24
  • strawberry (mebbeh)
  • ccb056 (100% if it turns out to be deepthroat, just give me a 90 minute lead time)