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Halo 3 Tournament

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Come play in a Halo 3 tournament in Wiley Hall on April 19th at 6 PM / 1800. The games will be 4 vs. 4 slayer to 50 kills, default settings, maps will be picked at random. It will be set up on a double elimination bracket (if there are up to 8 teams) or single elimination (if there is between 8 and 16 teams). You can only play on one team. First 16 teams to sign up play, first come first serve. Team seeds will be drawn at random. Sign up at the front desk of Wiley. BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLER!!! Yes, there will be prizes for the winning team!

The List

  1. timmy
  2. tehmattrix
  3. TheCopyCat
  4. fuzz
  5. seabear
  6. goldman
  7. Skuuba
  8. ReaganSMASH

Halo Gear needed

If you have an Xbox 360, Halo 3 disk, 360 controller, and/or TV that can be borrowed for the tournament, please let timmy know. We need atleast 6 consoles, 6 Halo 3 disks, 16 controllers, and 4 TVs.

Equipment Offers

Name (what you are bringing)

  1. timmy (1 console, 1 Halo 3 disk, 4 controllers, 1 projector, 1 TV)
  2. fuzz (1 console, 1 Halo 3 disk, #? controllers)
  3. ReaganSMASH (1 sexbox, 1 controller, 1 Halo 3 disk, Heroic/Legendary Maps)