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Firewall Setup Guide

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Here is a nice picture guide for the people who don't know how to forward their ports and the such.


DC++ Client Configuration


Router file.png

Click File -> Settings, and go to Connection Settings

Router connectionsettings.png

Make sure the radio button is set to Active. In the spot for the UDP port add a random number between 1024 and 65535 that you will reuse in a second.


Select the Downloads tab to set where your files go that you download, as well as the maximum speed you can upload and how many slots you can have open. With more slots open, more people can download from you at the same time: 1 slot per person.



Click File -> Preferences and go to Network


In this spot, enter the TCP port you opened in your firewall.


Enter the UDP port you opened with this command while connected to Dtella. 40000 is used here as an example.

Firewall Configuration

Windows Firewall


Go into the windows firewall properties and click the exceptions tab. Inside the tab click the button that says Add Port...


Add an appropriate name (like "DC++") along with the UDP port you specified in the DC client settings. Also make sure to click the UDP radio button to open the correct type of port.