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February Dinner!

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Hi guys, so it's time for another Dtella/Haterade Dinner!

Date: Thursday the 25th of February.

Time: 7pm

Location: Earhart

Sign yourself up/RSVP please.

Put down if you need a swipe or can provide one.

Wear your shirts if you have them!

List of attendees:

  1. udon (can provide a swipe)
  2. Blarghedy (most likely)
  3. konata
  4. Lunares
  5. HalfBrian
  6. Nos (can provide a swipe)
  7. Pokemansleeper
  8. CraZyTrain (Might need a swipe)
  9. Pi
  10. hOoLiGaN
  11. Dmkaz (blackfox can't stop our love!!)
  12. Underclocker
  13. Hiro
  14. kevd
  15. Rahja (needs a swipe)
  16. KingLouisXIV
  17. Silence
  18. Rockzo
  19. Solar
  20. Miffany

Maybe attending:

  1. jdollarsign
  2. felix (depends on course load)
  3. Sakuyan (needs swipes)
  4. sys (could use a swipe)
  5. Goomba
  6. Zoness