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Dtella Dubs 2012

We haven't been to bdubs as a group in ages.

Details: Date: Thursday 3-22-12 Place: bdubs by the cactus Time: 7:00 or close to 7


  1. Blarghedy -- can provide ride for a few
  2. Geekdess -- will need a ride (How does wanting a ride make me lazy, flukey? huh? huh? huh? :3)


  1. Konata (maybe idk i will flip a coin if it lands on its edge i will go)
  2. fluke42 (If I don't feel like utter shit from hayfever, I'll go)
  3. CraZyTrain (More than likely will go, depending on project code)
  4. Rafter (because you guys are fun to hang with, but I may be seeing the Hunger Games and be napping beforehand :P)
  5. timmy


  1. blackfox -- cause why?
  2. SuperSleeper9000 Who are you kids?