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Dtella dinner 9-2

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Oh hey look

Dtella dinner time. Friday 9-2 because Fridays work well. It'll be at Earhart Dining Court at 7:30 PM.

Put your name in the appropriate section.


  1. Blarghedy
  2. cat
  3. Konata (Can Provide One Swipe)
  4. CraZyTrain (needs swipe)
  5. udon (needs swipe)
  6. Pi (swipes needed)
  7. Feathers (swipes needed)
  8. Aquarian (Most likely is using Konata's Swipe) (Konata's Swipe is a pokemon move)(Konata uses Konata Swipe on Pi)(It's super effective!)
  9. MrTheLumberjack
  10. vylen
  11. Astatine
  12. WeeabooTime
  13. Solar (Needs a swipe) (Solar uses False Swipe)
  14. Havekk (Can provide a swipe)

Not 'cause fail

  1. starcastic - cos WA
  2. supahsreepah9000 - going home... plus I don't like you guys (not really). I'll go to next one
  3. Rockzo - depending on is being ghey and rehearsing 6 to whenever tonight


  1. Zek
  2. timmy (ima needa swipe)
  3. saigon
  4. Rafter
  5. Lunares (if I stay that long)