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Dtella Dinner August 29

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We are going to start out this year with a dinner at the Earhart Dining Court. We will be meeting outside of the dining court entrance at 6:00 PM, on Saturday, August 29th . It shouldn't be a problem if you don't have a meal plan. Hopefully someone will be willing to swipe you in.

If you are able to go, put your name on the list so we know how many to expect. If you need someone to swipe you in, also state as much. Remember you can only "Swipe" someone in if you have the Block Plan. You'll use dining dollars otherwise.

Yes! list

  1. DC (would appreciate a swipe)
  2. Stefei
  3. Dmkaz (Can provide a swipe or two)
  4. jet87 (most likely, can provide a swipe)
  5. Killer_Nerd (can provide a swipe)
  6. Matthias (If i have extra..then sure)
  7. Solar (can probably give a swipe if whoever's in front isn't too bitchy) (by which i mean the person manning the swipe station)
  8. blackfox (would provide a swipe but it seems like everyone else can too)
  9. davo_pr (will swipe if necessary)
  10. sys (is not asleep, and yes can swipe)
  11. Slim08(would appreciate a swipe)
  12. Jeebus
  13. KdUb
  14. WheresTheSnow
  15. Arkaea
  16. South ( Sure If I have any left)
  17. Vertigo (will pay someone in(dining dollars))
  18. DaBaddestHic
  19. Echo

Maybe list

  1. randyandy
  2. saigon
  3. Rectifier
  4. Rockzo
  5. Outkast
  6. jdollarsign (might still be out of town, if not i would need a swipe)
  7. Zoness (would need a swipe, cuz I am a hobo)
  8. timmy (will use/take any left-over swipes)
  9. Bonooru