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Dtella Dinner - 8/30

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Yes, we just had one... but now Darkhorse (one of the founders) is coming to town and he wants to hang out with us at Hillenbrand Monday night. Be there or be... rotund.

As usual, EVERYONE can come! Even those of you who hardly (or even never) talk. Just edit the page and put if you are planning to go and put whether or not you need a swipe.

To edit, you need an Login/Create Account at the top of the page to set up one.

...Or just showing up at dinner is fine.

Date: Monday August 30th

Place: Hillenbrand Dining Court

Time: 5:30

Will go:

  1. darkhorse
  2. Blarghedy (swipe please)
  3. CraZyTrain (need swipe)
  4. Sparkles
  5. xobble
  6. PiTheMathGod (can provide pylons)
  7. timmy (is using Pi's provided pylon/supply depot/overlord)


  1. fox of a black color (need swipe)
  2. ComeToGuy (able to provide a swipe)
  3. jason89s
  4. udon
  5. Miffany (time??? And need swipe...)