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Dtella Dinner - 10/13

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Thought we'd get together after the break.

As usual, EVERYONE can come! Even those of you who hardly (or even never) talk. Just edit the page and put if you are planning to go and put whether or not you need a swipe.

To edit, you need an account - click Login/Create Account at the top of the page to set up one.

...Or just showing up at dinner is fine too.

Date: Wednesday October 13th

Place: Earhart

Time: 7pm

Please also put down if you can swipe someone in.

Will go

  1. udon (can provide a swipe)
  2. Konata (can provide a swipe)
  3. CraZyTrain (Needs swipe)
  4. Rahja (might need a swipe [forget how many I have...if any])
  5. Hiro


  1. ComeToGuy
  2. Lunares