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Dtella Darkhorse Celebration Dinner 9-21

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Darkhorse, the co-creator and head of dtella and all things that involve it, is making his return to campus. All hail and salute. In celebration of this glorious visit, we shall herald in the age of fooding with him. The time for this glorious feast is set to be 7:30 P.M. in the great halls of the Wiley Dining Court.

Place thy name in one of the esteemed (or not so esteemed in the case of Not Attending) categories and whether or not you are in need a generous donation of swipeage from another Dtellian. If you do not comply, Darkhorse shall smite you with Cisco lightning.

Date: September 21st, 2011 Time: 7:30 pm Place: Wiley Dining Court


  1. darkhorse
  2. Rahja (needs a swipe)
  3. Konata
  4. Geekdess (after 7:30)(Gots swipes to go around)
  5. Fluke42 (Sometime after 7:30 probably)
  6. PiTheMathGod (if he can leave his workshop by 8--also need swipe)
  7. omegaorion (a swipe would be nice)

Not Attending (Choosing to be struck by Cisco lightning)

  1. MrTheLumberjack (WAY TO MAKE IT DURING MY FLUIDS EXAM...) No use going you will fail anyways
  2. timmy
  3. Rockzo (possibly getting some ass tonight)
  4. blackfox

Maybe (Remember, smiting...)

  1. Ur Mom