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Dtella:Installation Guide for Windows

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Overview of Steps

  1. Download Dtella from
  2. Download a suitable DC++ client such as DC++ or BCDC++
  3. Install both Dtella and the DC++ client
  4. Start Dtella after installation is finished. Dtella will need to run in the background while you use your DC++ client.
  5. Start your DC++ client after you start Dtella running in the background.
  6. Use the following connection information to connect to the dtella network. (See below for how to enter this information)

Server Name: Dtella
Server Address:
Server Password: <none>
TCP Port: 1666
UDP Port 1555

DC++ Configuration

Hub Connection

  • Run your DC++ Client
  • When prompted for connection and nickname info, fill in a nickname (Don't use spaces or punctuation in your nickname) and leave the rest


  • Click the gold start at the top, this will open your favorite hubs list


  • Click New to create a new hub
    • Name: Dtella
    • Address:
    • Description: Purdue Dtella
    • Nick: (leave blank)
    • Password: (leave blank)


  • Click ok
  • You'll see the newly created hub, check the box beside its name in order to have DC++ auto-connect

Ports and Networking


  • If you have a router or firewall you must make a port forward or firewall exception for both a UDP port and a TCP port. The UDP port is how Dtella communicates with other nodes and is set using the "!UDP <port> " command in chat. For consistency with the other tutorials, we recommend that newbies set it to 1555, but you can set it to whatever you want.
     !UDP 1555
    You will only have to do this once.


  • The TCP port is used during file transfers and needs to be set in the DC++ connection settings.
  • Click File -> Settings, and go to Connection Settings

Router file.png
Router connectionsettings.png

  • Make sure the radio button is set to Active. In the "Transfer port" field, enter 1666. Again, this can be whatever you want, but we will use this for now.


  • To download on Dtella you must have something shared, to do this go to File -> Settings


  • Click "Sharing" and hit [Add Folder] to add folders to your share


  • A "Browse For Folder" window will pop up. Use it to browse to the folder you want to share, and once you find it hit [Ok]


  • Once you hit [Ok] you will be given a chance to change the "Virtual name" of the folder. This is the name that other users will see when they browse your dtella share.


  • Once you hit [Ok] the "Creating file index" window will pull up. This has to finish "hashing" your files before they will show up in your Dtella share. DC++ is "counting" up all the files you just shared. This may take a few minutes.


  • The circled area shows you the total size of your share. Dtella requires that you share at least 5GB before you can download files from other users. (If you are above 5GB, but still unable to download, try restarting DC++)


Turning off segmented downloading

  • Segmented downloading is a feature which breaks up downloads into small pieces in an attempt to increase transfer speeds on slower networks. However, it actually causes more problems than it's worth on a network as fast as ours, so we require that dtella users disable this feature. You may be banned if you do not disable this feature.
  • To disable: File-> Settings-> Advanced-> uncheck "Enable segmented downloads"


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