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Dmkaz's 21st b-day

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On Friday, February 5th, Dmkaz turns 21!!! We will start the night out by taking a trip out to Chauncey Hill for some fine beverages and entertainment. We will finish the night off at Timmy's apartment with some more drinking, eating, and hanging out. If you want to crash at Timmy's for the night, you are welcome to. You must be 21 to go on the bar crawl with us, but everyone is welcome to come to Timmy's later on in the evening.

We will be needing people that are willing to drive our drunk asses around.

If you can't go to Chauncey Hill, but still want to party and drink at Timmy's we need to know, so we can have enough refreshments. If you need to crash at Timmy's, say so, so we can get enough mattresses/bedding. When we get an estimate for the number of people, a time for this will be determined.

Anyone wanting to party at Timmy's after the bar crawl, will be able to pay $5, to help cover the cost of alcohol and pizza. Gifts are not required, but will gladly be accepted!

If you have any questions, PM timmy.

UPDATES!!! - We will be meeting at the lobby of Hillenbrand, at 9:00 PM. From there, we will arrange who is going in what car. Then we'll head to Chauncey Hill. We need to know if you are coming to Timmy's apartment after the bar crawl on Friday night, by Wednesday. So PM timmy or Dmkaz, and put your name on the list if you are going to come. There is going to be a $5 cover charge to help cover the cost of food and beverages.

Yes, I am 21! list

  1. Dmkaz
  2. landera
  3. timmy (I can drive!)
  4. Blarghedy
  5. XobbleStone24
  6. Miffany
  7. ccb056
  8. Rahja (I can drive!)
  9. Solar
  10. inco
  11. MilitaryKing453
  12. Tshock
  13. crazytrain
  14. tehmattrix
  15. DaBaddestHic

I am not 21, but will party at Timmy's! list

  1. dutchess
  2. Zoness (can drive)
  3. Underclocker
  4. PiTheMathGod (can drive)
  5. Lunares (can give people rides to the party/back in the morning)
  6. kevd
  7. jdollarsign

Maybe list

  1. DC
  2. Stefei
  3. Rockzo
  4. aaahhh
  5. Stretch (may show up for the bar crawl portion and possibly party part)
  6. sys
  7. Red&Oranje +1 (for bar crawl)