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DT Kirby's Dinner - 1/27

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DT Kirby's Dinner - 1/27

Aight yo, let's get a small group of people together and hit up DT Kirby's on Thursday (1/27) at 7:30 PM. Kirby's isn't very big, so no large group this time. We are meeting at 7 so those of you who want to crash parties at Cactus can still do so.

Since Kirby's is a big boy place, you must be 21 to attend the festivities, sorry kids!

We also need some drivers. I can take a couple with me, but not everyone.

Will Go!

We'll take the first 8 to sign-up

  1. timmy
  2. Skizzik
  3. Rockzo
  4. Solar
  5. Pi (would like ride if possible)
  6. Stretch
  7.  ???
  8.  ???


  1. Lunares
  2. Silence ?