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DC Party 2

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DC is hosting a small party for dtella@Purdue

When? March 28, 2009 at 8:00pm

Where? DC's apartment (contact him for directions)

Why? Because alcohol and nerds were meant for each other. Also I have a Wii and computer connected to my HDTV to watch movies on.

If you want to have alcohol at the party, please bring $5 for a cover. If you would like DC to buy anything special for you, private message him on #dtella. DC has lots of rum and vodka on hand as well as mixers, but not many snacks. Snacks would be appreciated.


  1. The following condition must be maintained: stretch xor females xor alcohol when the 3 are with 2m of each other.
  2. Strongly pigmented equines drink for free.


  1. DC
  2. Stefei
  3. daedalus01 (dependent on me not feeling like crap, and darkhorse giving me a ride) (*)
  4. XobbleStone24 (dependent on how much work I get done, and on a ride or if i feel like walking)
  5. darkhorse
  6. stretch

(*) Everyone likes taking a ride on darkhorse.