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DC Party

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DC is hosting a small party for dtella@Purdue for the people that were cool enough to stay on campus over fall break.

When? October 12, 2008 at 8:00pm

Where? DC's apartment (contact him for directions)

Why? Because alcohol and nerds were meant for each other. Also I have a Wii and HDTV to watch movies on.

If you want to have alcohol at the party, please bring $4 for a cover. DC has lots of rum and vodka on hand as well as mixers, but not many snacks. Snacks would be appreciated.

DaBaddestHic is going to be picking up some pizza from Papa Johns to take to the party. If you'd like in on it, send him a message. (test 12:53 EST)


  1. DC
  2. stretch
  3. XobbleStone24
  4. DaBaddestHic
  5. Stefei