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I'm working on setting up a summer multiplayer game of Civilization 4 using the Pit Boss system, which lets people join the game, take their turn, then log off and go do other things. We'll be using the Beyond the Sword expansion and the latest version of the game (3.17). The system allows for a time limit for players to take their turn, which will help move the game along in case someone doesn't play their turn. Currently, I'm intending to set the time limit at 24 hours, which means you have 24 hours after the last player ended their turn to take yours. If you're interested in playing, PM me (Solar) on IRC so I can put you down, or sign yourself up below.

Current Participants:

  1. Solar (Julius Caesar of Rome, game administrator)
  2. saiyr (Pacal II, Maya)
  3. blackfox (Bismark of Germany)
  4. Lunares (America, Washington)
  5. SMP (Celts, Boudica)
  6. Csel(Spain)
  7. Pyro (Babylon)