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'DATE: 'Friday Sept. 4, 9pm --- NOTE THE DATE CHANGE

WHERE: Meet at Memorial Mall

This would be a somewhat proper CTF game with actual flags and bandannas to mark teams.

Maps would be portions of campus that are fairly balanced (memorial mall, engineering fountain, etc.)

This would be played AT NIGHT so it would behoove you to wear dark clothing.

Add your name to the list if you are interested in playing.


  1. stretch
  2. blackfox
  3. jdollarsign (I would be late, have fantasy football draft at 7pm)
  4. Lunares
  5. Dmkaz
  6. XobbleStone24
  7. TechnoCat + 4 guests
  8. Sparticvs (Another group event that I am incharge of, and it was decided upon before this)
  9. Magz
  10. MystRunner
  11. wahoo1759
  12. bigguy
  13. DC
  14. Amoral (mebbeh)
  15. sys (if free >>will be late most likely)
  16. Stefei
  17. Vertigo (if available)
  18. Adanufgail
  19. Oatmeal (gotta know early)
  20. South
  21. broken (depends on the day)
  22. Zoness (whim)
  23. knexfreak
  24. madlabber (maybe)
  25. Nickolai89
  26. Goose
  27. Rectifier (Maybe...)
  28. Sanity
  29. sleeping143


  1. if you are tagged, you stay where you are until a teammate tags you
  2. if you are about to be tagged and are in possession of the flag, you may throw it away like a javelin. But try not to hit people
  3. the playing field, unless specified otherwise, will be limited to a 1 building radius around the flags. please do not cross any roads in an effort to sneak around