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This guide explains the different bots that are available to Dtella users.



Before you use the bots, you should be aware of the rules.

  • Follow all of the IRC Network Rules
  • Do not spam the bots, this is annoying and will result in you being kicked and may cause you to get banned.


Metapod Release Bot

Metapod is the Dtella release bot. It can be called using !new command which will open a private message from ~metapod giving you the 10 newest releases on Dtella. More information can be found here.

Whats on TV

To see whats on TV tonight, you can type the following and you will receive a PM (private message) with the shows airing tonight.

  • !tonight


The weather bot will give you the current weather stats or the forecast.

  • To get the current weather conditions you can type
    !w zipcode
    • Leaving the zipcode blank will give you current weather conditions at Purdue.
  • To get the forecast you can type:
    !forecast zipcode
    • Leaving the zipcode blank will give you the forecast for Purdue.


You can do a quick google search by using
!google query

This will return a link from the first google result for your search.


The imdb bot will query imdb with the given parameter.

!imdb movie name

This will return stats from imdb about the given movie name.

To see the rating of a movie use:

!rt movie name


Certain words have been defined in the srsbsns Dictionary. Definitions for these commands can be recieved in the channel by using:
  • For example:
    wine? or !udict command
  • Returns
    <~srsbsns> whine: what people do when they don't meet the minimum share size

You can also tell people definitions. This can be important when someone is segmenting and you want them to stop because it is slowing your connection. This will send them a private message with the definition.

  • tell |username about definition

To see who created a definition and when it was created use

  • !whodef definition

To see a random definition

  • !randomdef


To prevent people from using your nickname on Dtella, you might want to register it using NickServ. This can only be done using an IRC client and not from DC++ or ShakesPeer. To register your nickname, in main chat type

  • /msg NickServ REGISTER password [email]

You will get a message from NickServ telling you that your nick has been registered and other options you can use. To find out other options for NickServ type

  • /msg NickServ HELP


To shorten a URL using TinyURL type

  • !tinyurl