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At0m’s birfday

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Thanks to everyone that came!!!

Seeing as starcastic is going to be in town to celebrate at0m’s birthday on April 16th, they’ve decided to open the festivities up to all dtellaians. They'll be going to 9 Irish Brothers on Thursday 4/17 at about 8pm / 2000. Dinner for all ages, drinks for the rest of us. Contact starcastic or at0m if you need more information.

Gifts are not necessary unless you really <3 him (teh porn baron)/me (teh pron baroness). If everyone chips in a candle or two we might get close to his actual age!

Also: you do not have to be 21 to join in, it is very unlikely you'll get kicked out after 9 (you just can't drink, duh).


The List

  1. at0m (duh?)
  2. starcastic
  3. fer
  4. ccb056 (expected to be fashionably late)
  5. daedalus01 (late because of PUGG, Sara will probably attend with me)
  6. alucard835
  7. timmy
  8. pakman
  9. zr
  10. MasterBob
  11. tehmattrix
  12. darkhorse (also late because of PUGG)
  13. Suicide_Guy (also late because of PUGG)
  14. DaBaddestHic
  15. Stretch (also late because of PUGG)

The Maybe List:

  1. SpecOps071
  2. Pyro
  3. Sherlock
  4. Csel
  5. XobbleStone24
  6. Miffany
  7.  ???

The No List

  1. goodpoint (i forgot about a com114 group meeting i have to go to)


If you can give a ride, add your name to the list. Please plan to be able to drive if you offer rides. NO DRUNK DRIVING. kthx. There are several taxi companies available as well. JFGI.

Ride Offers

Name (number of seats)

  1. timmy (driver + 4 [4th is bitch seat])
    1. tehmattrix (shotgun)
    2.  ???
  2.  ???

Walking Group

Name (start location)

  1. Csel (Cary)
  2. ccb056 (Phys 8:00)