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Why is PURU counting Dtella traffic against me?

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Hokay so, I bet most of you have PURU installed on your computers (If you don't, it can be obtained here (note that .Net Framework is required.)

You've got it installed and have Real-time monitoring enabled with some sort of automatic shut-off limit. While doing transfers on Dtella, you might notice that PURU counts the real-time traffic, even though you've read/been told by others that Dtella traffic doesn't count against your bandwidth limit.

Due to how Windows reports its network usage, it can't tell the difference between on-campus and off-campus traffic. It simply counts any traffic going in and out of your network card. No need to panic - just understand that when the bandwidth totals are updated (every hour usually at 9 or 10 past the hour), it shouldn't reflect anything transferred via Dtella.