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What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat-- it's simply a chat protocol that was built before a lot of the modern internet. Dtella utilizes a specially coded Bridge client that connects all Dtella users (those connecting via DC++/Shakespeer) to an IRC server. This way we can offer better moderation of the chat and more importantly, those who wish to chat without sharing any files, are off campus or can't connect via their DC++/Shakespeer client can still talk. For information on how to connect, please scroll down.


If you are banned and have questions, please first read the following link and follow all directions in it.

Connecting to IRC

If you would like to chat with all Dtella users while off campus, on PAL during the day or otherwise unable to connect via DC++, then you may do so via a couple methods.

  • We have a browser-based client setup which is available here. Please choose a nickname and in the Channels box type #dtella. IF you are banned, put #dtella-help instead.
  • You can also choose to use an IRC client like mIRC. These are specially made clients that connect you easily to IRC, and allow you to customize your chat experience a bit more. If you wish to use mIRC or any other client, you'll need to know this: server is and channel is #dtella

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