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When I try to connect it tells me "Connection refused by target machine" What's wrong?

DCGate is not running, you must open DCGate before attempting to connect.

Does this count against my 5GB limit on Resnet

No, the 5GB limit for Resnet traffic only applies to traffic to and from campus. Since this is all local campus traffic, it doesn't affect this limit.

You say it doesn't count against Resnet, but why does PURU show an increase in traffic?

Rather than monitoring off-campus traffic, PURU monitors all traffic to and from your computer. You can check your Resnet stats on the next hour and you'll find nearly no change.

I have a router or firewall and am having problems, what can I do?

In the connection settings, you may need to specify specific TCP and UDP ports. Any random port between 1025 - 65535 should be fine. You'll also need to make sure to forward these ports through your router, or make sure your firewall is not blocking traffic on these ports. Ask someone in DC for help on doing this if you're unsure. Additionally, a guide on how to forward ports might be posted soon.

I've got an error message appearing, what does it mean?

Check out this article on error messages.

Transfers run slow and use lots of CPU, why is this?

In the advanced settings there's an option for "Enable Safe and Compressed Transfers", you need to uncheck this option and restart your dc client.

I can connect to some users, but not others. What's wrong?

It's possible they may be blocking you due to the amount you've been sharing.

What are slots, and why is it telling me a user has no slots available?

Available slots refers to the number of people that are allowed to download from a user at any given time, if a user doesn't have

any available slots this simply means there is already as many people as allowed downloading from them.

Does DCgate work on a macintosh computer?

Yes! Read the DCgate on a Mac tutorial for instructions on setting up DCgate on a mac.

Why isn't search working?

This usually is a misconfiguration on the users part, first check that you have put in port numbers in dc++ connection settings. If that doesn't work then try reading the Router Setup Guide or the Firewall Setup Guide.

When was DCgate founded/released?

DCgate was first released to the public September 24, 2004.

Where's DCgate's pastebin?

DCgate's pastebin is located here.