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Dtella Dinner November 5th

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It appears it's time for another dinner. This time it'll be at Wiley. We will be meeting in the lobby of Wiley at 6:15 PM, on Thursday, November 5th . It shouldn't be a problem if you don't have a meal plan. Hopefully someone will be willing to swipe you in.

If you are able to go, put your name on the list so we know how many to expect. If you need someone to swipe you in, also state as much. Remember you can only "Swipe" someone in if you have the Block Plan. You'll use dining dollars otherwise.

Yes! list

  1. Dmkaz
  2. cCb056
  3. Solar
  4. PiTheMathGod
  5. blackfox (fine i'll provide a swipe)
  6. DC
  7. Stefei
  8. DaBaddestHic (Needs Swipe)
  9. XobbleStone24 (has no dining dollars left sry guys)
  10. |Blarghedy

Maybe! list

  1. timmy (will need swipe)
  2. Lunares
  3. muldoon (needs swipe)
  4. Celestis
  5. stretch (would need a swipe)
  6. Zoness (You must construct additional swipes b/c i am PINK)