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Dtella Dinner 11/17

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Yay food!

We haven't fooded together in a long while so we're attempting to do so again. Location is TBA and date is not quite yet set in stone. The more people we have the more definite the date becomes. Put if you could use a swipe and if you can provide one.

Date: Wednesday 11-17 Location: Earhart Time: 7:00pm

Will Go

  1. Blarghedy
  2. ComeToGuy
  3. |Fortura
  4. |Juve
  5. Blackfox (preference on bottom)
  6. XobbleStone24
  7. Konata
  8. Miss
  9. PiTheMathGod
  10. Silence (INFILTR8 ??)


  1. Lunares
  2. pokemansleeper (work schedule unknown)
  3. DJ
  4. timmy (if a swipe is donated to me)