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Dtella Dinner November 2013

People are showing up in town, time to have a dinner!


Date: Friday 11-08-13

Place: O-ishi (

213 East State Street West Lafayette, IN 47906

Time: 6:30 PM



  1. jason89s
  2. Steve-O (has car, will be driving)
  3. theDoctor (willing to drive car, preferably his own)
  4. Aquarian
  5. Konata (LET THE HOT POT BOIL)
  6. |DakSmyth (80% sure)
  7. Fyba
  8. |gyuunuu (i need more u's in my name)
  9. schweeds


  1. fluke42-Not sure of my schedule
  2. ArrrPirate Don't know for sure

Not able to

  1. Lunares (I will be there in spirit eating your souls)
  2. cat (because it's at 6:30)
  3. blackfox (because i'm the fagzorz)
  4. kevd (freaking nerd)
  5. ButteredToast (because i'm a bot)
  6. Awk34 (going to a concert that night)