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DCgate-OC:Installation Guide for Macs

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Enjoy! If you have a router, you will need to consult the Router Setup Guide. Please follow the recommended instructions; the manual legacy instructions are for archival purposes only.


Recommended Instructions

  1. You will need a DC client for Mac. Download either Shakespeer or valknut. Shakespeer is recommended.
  2. Acquire DCgate. Go to and download the latest version. Copy DCgate to your applications folder.
  3. Double click on DCgate to start it. You will not see any application appear, but it is running in the background.
  4. Open your DC client and set it to connect to
  5. Add some files to your share.

Manual Legacy Instructions

This is the old step by step guide for those wanting to run dcgate from source on a mac. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED

This version is not recommended, if you don't know how to use the terminal this might be a bit frustrating. If you don't want to take the time to learn to use the terminal I'll tell you a neat trick. To change directories in terminal you type cd (followed by a space) then the directory, but in Mac OS X you can simply type cd and then drag the folder into the terminal window. Ezhangin

Step 1 - Acquire DCgate

Go to and download the latest version.  Place the dcgate folder in your applications folder.

Step 2 - Download and install the python dns libraries

These libraries can be found at . I grab one of the files (.zip or .tar) and unzip it. Now enter terminal and set the current directory to the python dns folder. Enter this into terminal:

python install

You should see quite a lot of text lines scroll by as it installs the libraries, this is normal don't freak out :-) Once installed you can trash the folder, you don't need it anymore.

Step 3 - Download your DC++ client

I have a few things to say about this though. As of now there are really only two viable options for clients, shakespeer and valknut:

Shakespeer looks like a Mac application should (great!) but it has some annoying nuances that I haven't been able to get past, like the fact that I have never gotten the new version to be able to work correctly. A few lucky people I have helped along the way have gotten it to work but its only a few people. As for me, it worked at once point in time but I never got it to work again. Despite all this I still suggest you try to get it to work.

Valknut is another story. Valknut is a port of a linux app that quite frankly is kind of ugly but works like a charm (figures). It works great although there are a few downsides besides the ugliness. I have noticed that if you leave it on for a LONG time it will eat up A LOT of ram, like, almost all of free RAM. Maybe this just happens to me, who knows, but if it happens just quit valknut and your free RAM will return haha. Speaking of qutting valknut, if you dont disconnect chances are that it will crash (nothing bad will come of this though, don't worry). And one more final thing that is very frustrating (but only once!), the first time you have to set up valknut you have to save your settings and it will sometimes crash quite a few times before it will properly save your settings. UPDATE: I have found that if you go to file > quit for Valknut it will quit properly but it does not like to be quit from the dock.

Step 4 - Running everything

Now that you have all the required programs, its time to run them in this order: First, open terminal point it to the source folder inside of the dcgate folder. Once inside type:


This will run dcgate and you can minimize the terminal window that is open (don't close it). I know its a clumsy way to run DCgate. Another easier way to launch dcgate is to open terminal, click file and then click new command and type this in:

python /Applications/DCgate/source/

If you do it this way you can go back into terminal later and press new command again it will be saved in text box as the last thing you ran. Now, once you have DCgate running, open Shakespeer or Valknut. For both applications, make sure they are in Active mode, this is really important. The address for the server is . Just set your nickname and in valknut your nick_search is just the nickname you chose followed by _search I believe.

If you use Shakespeer, after adding the dcgate server, go to Preferences, click Network, and enter a port. This can be any number >1024. I usually use 2000. If you have a router, this will be the port you have to forward. If you don't have a router, you still need to enter a port.

And that should be it, have fun with dcgate. The speed in the dorms is incredible you will download large files at speeds you never though possible, its pretty insane. If you have any problems use the online irc client to ask for help.