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DCgate-OC:Installation Guide for Linux

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An easy guide to installing and working with DCgate on a Linux installation.



This is a step by step guide to installing DCgate and its prerequisites as well as installing the DC++ based dc client linuxdcpp. For those that don't know Ubuntu is a free, community-based operating system based on the Linux kernel. For more information on ubuntu go to [1] and for more information on linux go to [2] or you can just look these up on wikipedia.


A. DNS Python

In order to install DCgate you will first need to install DNS Python. Go to their website at [3] and download the latest stable package by clicking on the stable link under downloads in the left sidebar. This will take you to an ftp page where you should click on a link that looks something like dnspython-1.4.0.tar.gz; this will start downloading the archive. Once you have downloaded the archive, open a terminal emulator and navigate to the directory where you downloaded the archive and extract it using the command:

       gunzip -c <name of archive> | tar xvf -

It will spit out all the files that it extracts and then return you to the prompt. Next cd into the directory that was extracted (it should be the same as the archive without the .tar.gz at the end) and give the command:

       sudo python install

Enter your password when prompted and it will then compile the scripts and install them. Then you are done and ready to install DCgate itself. You can now safely delete the files that you downloaded and extracted.

B. DCgate

Go to the DCgate site at [4] and click on the download link at the top. Then click on the "Download ZIP" link when it displays a list of downloadable versions. Open up a terminal emulator and cd to the directory where you downloaded the zip file and then unzip it with the command:

       unzip <archive name>

The command should spit out the names of all of the files being extracted. The command should create a folder called DCgate in the directory you extracted the archive in. You need to issue the command:

       mv DCgate ~/.dcgate

This will move the contents of DCgate into a new hidden file called .dcgate that way it doesn't show up in a normal ls or file manager so it doesn't clutter your home directory. Now we will need to create a script that you can run in order to start DCgate. So issue the following command:

       sudo gedit dcgate 

If you are using KDE you will want to replace gedit with kate. After opening the file paste the following two lines of code into the file:

       python ~/.dcgate/source/ &

After pasting, save the file. You will then need to make the file executable using the command:

       sudo chmod +x dcgate

Enter your password when prompted. So now whenever you want to connect to dcgate you must open up a terminal and type:


It will then load for a second and then say it is listening on port 6473. Congratulations! You have installed DCgate. Now on to the client. You can now delete any leftover files that you downloaded.

Linux DC++

There are numerous direct connect clients for linux, but coming from using DC++ I found it easiest to use the port of DC++ to linux, which IMHO is better than the windows version and simpler than most of the current offerings for linux (aka Valknut). The port is still in a beta stage but it is stable enough to use full time as I have had no problems with memory usage or crashes. In order to download the files necessary to install linuxdcpp first open a terminal emulator and enter:

       wget -c

then after it has finished downloading, in the same folder to which you downloaded the archive, decompress the archive with the command:

       sudo tar zxvf linuxdcpp.tar.gz -C /opt

Enter your password when prompted. Now let's create a standard gnome menu shortcut for linuxdcpp. Enter the command to open a file with the command:

       sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/linuxdcpp.desktop

Replacing gedit with the appropriate editor, of course. Then copy and paste the following lines of code into the blank file:

       [Desktop Entry]

Save the file and you are ready to download! If you want to download the latest version from CVS follow this guide: [5].


Remember now, whenever you want to download something, the sequence of actions required to connect.

       1 - Open a terminal emulator and type ./dcgate; you can close the window after it says it is listening at port 6473.
       2 - Open up linuxdcpp; it is located under Applications > Internet > LinuxDC++.
       3 - Click connect; it will bring up an input box. Put in it and click connect. 

REMARKS: It would be wise to set this address as a favorite by clicking (in LinuxDC++) on Favorite Hubs and then clicking on add. For name you can put whatever you want. For address put Click Ok and check the Auto Connect check box on the new favorite hub entry. This way everytime you open up the program it will start out by connecting to DCgate. Remember, you have to be connected or LinuxDC++ will say "Connection Refused" or something similar. You will also have to set your nick and sharing preferences by clicking on the Preferences button on the main window. Hashing can take a long time depending on the amount of files so be patient. Good luck and share a generous amount!!!